Welcome to Dyon Corporation

On the forefront of innovative design, Dyon has developed a comprehensive tool that delivers ease and sophistication for users of our patented product, the W5. The W5 is a six in one multi-purpose hand tool that consists of a corkscrew, serrated blade, bottle opener, LED light, replaceable pen and replaceable mini Bic lighter.

By incorporating 6 essential functions into one high performance tool, Dyon's W5 provides the confidence and preparation needed for the service and hospitality industry, while simultaneously simplifying the needs of the everyday consumer.



Mission Statement

Dyon Corporation aims to be recognized as an industry leader in designing and manufacturing state of the art hand tools for the everyday household, business and individual. We aspire to create products that make peoples lives more efficient by enhancing the quality and functionality of restaurant, kitchen and bar tools.

Additional Information

The company is currently set to manufacture and launch its patented product in the United States.

Dyon Company headquarters are based in Santa Monica, CA.